Tunespotter Beta is our archive of scenes with songs from movies, TV shows and commercials. 

Strategic Partnerships are the backbone of Tunespotter’s business model. We work with Content Creation and Distribution companies, Movie Studios, TV Channels, Record Labels, and Brands to create dedicated partner channels that serve as lead generators to promote and market content to specifically targeted audiences, driving them to:

  • Rent, Buy (amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify) and Stream (HBO Go) content
  • Purchase goods and services 
  • And share with friends


  • MEDIA PARTNERS can introduce and promote new and existing content to consumers and drive them to action in the form of discovery, sharing, and purchasing

  • Studies prove that people are 8 times more likely to purchase at point of discovery than any other time
  • We recently signed a content distribution deal with Amazon. If you search for a song on Amazon, clips from movies featuring that song come up in the results—you can watch the clip and get the movie on Amazon in one click. 

Tunespotter on Amazon

Partnering with Digital, Broadcast, and Cable Content Providers

  • Digital Content Providers (Amazon, HBO Go, Showtime's SHO APP)
  • Music Providers (Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, Google Play)
  • Movie and Television Studios, and their subsidiaries (Universal, Fandango, HBO)
  • Any Brands Looking to Promote New Initiatives

Tunespotter allows these brands to promote new and re-released TV movies (ex: Oscar month, Bondathons, John Hughes movies)

  • Promote new and re-released TV shows
  • Eventually even exist as a dedicated Channel (ex: HBO on Tunespotter, AMC on Tunespotter)
  • Additionally, Tunespotter will act as an archived catalogue of scenes+songs from every episode of every season of every show

For more information and strategic partnerships,

Contact: Marc Reiser